PeoplePlus delivery of work-based learning is amongst the best in Wales, according to a new report issued by the Welsh Government.

Results from the 2014/15 Learner Outcomes Report score our delivery of higher apprenticeships, traineeship engagement and the Adult Employability Programme as ‘excellent’, with our results all above the national comparator rates.

PeoplePlus is also the only learning provider in Wales to have helped adult employability participants achieve a 100% success rate, compared to the national average of 78%, reflecting our dedication to quality in our programmes.

Alan Mackey, PeoplePlus Head of Skills – Wales, said he was delighted by the achievement.

“These are truly an outstanding set of results, our best performance over recent years,” He said,

“Such an achievement does not come without a great deal of hard work, effort and commitment and I thank all Skills Wales staff for their contribution over the past year, which has enabled us to secure these outcomes for our learners on our Apprenticeship, Traineeship and Adult Employability programmes.”

Learner Outcomes Reports are summaries of the learner success rates achieved by each of the 20 work-based learning providers funded by the Welsh Government. The report, which is published annually to inform learners, parents, employers and the general public about the outcomes of the programmes, show information on success rates – the percentage of all qualifications that are achieved by learners – and learner progressions into employment or further learning.

In seven categories, PeoplePlus scored ‘excellent’ in three and is marked as ‘Good’ in a further four.

The news follows a recent report which showed that more than 30 per cent of people who start apprenticeships in Britain fail to complete them, and the numbers have worsened every year for the past three years.

By contrast 94% of learners undertaking a higher apprenticeship with PeoplePlus in Wales were successful, more than with any other provider. Skills Wales also saw an 88% success rate for the 404 young people who completed a traineeships engagement programme and 77% of learners on the Adult Employability Programmes progressed to employment, demonstrating the effectiveness of our programmes to help individuals transform their lives.

The full report can be found here.